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Slalom - What is it?

Canoe Slalom is an exciting Olympic sport racing for the fastest time on challenging white water. Paddlers race down a 300m white water rapid, through a series of up to 25 red (upstream) and green downstream) gates. Competitors have to paddle as fast as they can through the course whilst battling with white water rapids of waves, stoppers and eddies to accomplish the fastest time. Paddlers are awarded time penalties of two seconds if they touch a gate and 50 seconds if they miss a gate altogether added to their running time. The combined score of time and penalties determines who wins the race.


Both women and men race in Kayak single (K1) and the Canoe single (C1) events. In a kayak, paddlers sit in the boat and use a double-ended paddle. In a canoe, paddlers kneel in the boat and use a single-ended blade. In their categories the paddlers also sometimes also compete in team events. Teams consist of three boats, who work together weaving in and out of the course, keeping as close to one another possible. You can learn more about the terms, categories and classes here

Club Success and National Performance

Seren Dŵr has had great success with club members being selected to race for Wales and Great Britain Teams at international level.


From beginners to veterans, we offer a range of programs and events that cater to every level of experience and skill. Our members compete in all divisions of this high-performance sport and proudly represent our club, country, and Great Britain. Join us and be a part of our legacy of excellence in canoe slalom!


Seren Dŵr is dedicated to helping new paddlers of all ages, both juniors and adults, discover and learn the sport of canoe slalom. And if you are already a whitewater paddler slalom will definitely improve your paddling. At Seren Dŵr we offer expert coaching to all our members and run both entry-level Division 4 and Premier Division competitions at CIWW. We can provide equipment such as paddles, boats and helmets and help you get on the water to try out the exciting, competitive sport of canoe slalom!

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Club Member Megan Hamer-Evans

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