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Freestyle - What is it?

Freestyle is the discipline of whitewater kayaking or canoeing where the paddler performs various technical moves in one place (on a stopper or wave). With modern freestyle kayaks it is possible to get the kayak and the paddler completely airborne while performing tricks.


Our club has something for everyone, whether you want to have fun, participate in competition or take your skills to the next level. So why wait? Join us and let's make some waves!

For Fun or Competition

At Seren Dŵr Canoe Club, we provide all levels of coaching for canoe freestyle, from beginner to seasoned pro. Our members are passionate about the sport and actively compete in regional, national, and even world championships.


At a competition, paddlers gain points for distinct moves, including vertical moves like cartwheels, horizontal manoeuvres such as spins or barrel rolls, and somersaults or loops. Some moves have strange sounding names such as a “Tricky Woo” or “Phonics Monkey”! Bonus points are awarded if the boat is got into the air and for linked moves. Competitors showcase as many distinct moves as they can in 45-seconds. Each unique manoeuvre contributes to their score, with the highest cumulative score determining the winner. Competitions are held for novices, intermediates and experts, often at the same event and are great fun!

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